When using Vacation Services International for your exchange needs you gain access to properties all over the world and across all inventory sources. VSI doesn’t partner with specific resort or condominium properties, our relationship truly starts with you. Through our vast group of inventory contacts we can gain access to inventory through inventory companies, property exchangers, resorts, condominiums, private resorts and even whole ownership properties. We want to be able to use every inventory source out there because our goal is to get you where you want to be. VSI does not want to be everything to everyone and maintains the goal of being a private membership program so we can continue to give you the highest level of quality and service that our members have come to expect from a company with over 75 years of industry experience. Why are you waiting to take the trips of your dreams!


Why does VSI work better than the competition- VSI does not do any exclusive contracts with any property so that allows us to gain access to inventory from all sources. VSI also has inventory that is reactive to the industry taking into account cancellations, inventory changes, economic factors, the weather and much more to maximize your options. VSI allows you to get the most out of your ownership because we do not operate on the philosophy of trading power. Trading power ranks ownership by the property you own, which can hinder your vacation options. We believe if we can get it you should have access to it and that you bought your ownership with the intention and right to travel where you want to go, without restrictions.


Depositing your week– When you are ready to plan your next dream vacation simply deposit your time with VSI. You can book up to 12 months in advance. Unused VSI credits can be carried over for up to 18 months, as long as your membership remains in good standings. VSI has the ability to take in both weeks and points, throughout many different ownership programs, which gives you unparalleled flexibility no matter where you own. Unlike many traditional exchange company’s you do not have to make a deposit, and lose your usage, until we have found you an alternate destination. This allows you to maximize your ownership/membership and gives you the flexibility to change plans as needed.


How do I deposit my week– VSI offers several options for depositing your time or points including email, fax and phone. Deposits for fixed weeks must have a check-in date at least 60 days out from deposit date.


How do I make an exchange request- VSI offers flexible ways to put in your exchange requests including email, fax or speak to a travel professional.


How do I receive exchange options and my confirmation- VSI sends all transmissions via email so that there is a record that you can refer back to in every case possible. We send offers via email so that you can review your options and make a quick and informed decision as availability in this industry can be very time sensitive.


Additional travel benefits through VSI-

  • A Secure Member ONLY website with access to:
  • Hot Weeks starting as low as $199 for the week!
  • Special Weeks staring at $498 that are up to 50% off the normal advertised prices (not promotional offers back by a tour requirement)
  • Holiday Weeks at incredible prices
  • Industry Vendor Discounts on Hotels, Airfare, Cruises, Car Rental, Dining, Attractions and more
  • Weekly updates on Inventory Specials and Travel NEWS!
  • Concierge Service from trained travel professionals
  • Exclusive Member ONLY specials on a variety of Trip options

Minimal fees- (Does not apply to group members) normal program price is a one time fee of $498.00 plus any exchange and guest certificate fees. Renewal fees are $199.00 annually. Program prices are lower for group members. 

  • Exchange fee only $99 maximum (Does not apply to group members)
  • Guest certificate fee only $49 maximum (Does not apply to group members)

The Ability to exchange allows any vacation ownership the option to maximize their ownership by opening doors to resort and condominium properties all over the world in some of the most desirable locations on the map.

Many exchange companies have gone to a point based program, including VSI, to help improve their ownership experience. Our points system allows you to waste no points and helps you tailor your vacation to your desires.

Your time deposited with VSI is converted into VSI points to maximize your ownership without trading power effecting your options.