About Us

Vacation Services International offers world-class products in all aspects of vacation ownership. VSI’s customer first approach allows us to work with our clients to exceed expectations in reaching their vacation ownership goals. With over 75 years of combined industry experience we can confidently boast as a vacation ownership service leader in rentals, re-sales, exchanges and transfers. No matter what your experience has been in the past or what your vacation ownership goals are we can provide you with the one-on-one attention that is needed to help you get the most out of your ownership. Vacation Services International has had many scam companies using our name to solicit consumer credit card information over the phone, for false services that they are not providing. Some that we know of are related to the sale of property, transfer of property and rental of property. VSI is in no way directly affiliated with any other organizations, including RCI. Vacation Services International does not have a call center. We do not use any third party call centers and we do not make any outbound calls to solicit business. This includes cruise certificates, free trips and the like. VSI also does not have any traveling sales representatives. Companies in the vacation ownership travel business contract with us to provide our exceptional service products. Some of the companies that use our services as an added benefit to their packages may travel to promote their product while some can have fixed locations for their presentations. If you have any questions regarding VSI, please feel free to contact us.  Additionally we would appreciate any information you may have if you are solicited by what you think may be a scam, as we are working to build a case so we can take legal action. 


Mission Statement:

We are absolute in our commitment in helping you reach your vacation ownership goals.


Core Values:

Commitment to Customer Service Excellence





Vision Statement:

To provide honest and exceptional service through our innovative vacation ownership programs.