FAQ’s and Disclaimers


Do I have to go to a sales presentation to take advantage of Vacation Service International amazing rates?

No, when renting through Vacation Services International you are never under any obligation to attend a presentation. Some resorts may contact you with “free-bees” to entice you to attend but our main focus is for you to return from your vacation and purchase through one of our clients looking to sell their property at a fraction of the normal price.

What are the check in and check out times?

Typical check in time is 4:00 pm and check out is 10:00 am. On very rare occasion these times may vary slightly.

How and where do I check-in?

Unless you are staying at a condo style property, which you will know in advance, there will be a registration area. Most of our properties have a front desk area like resorts and hotels. To check-in bring your confirmation supplied by Vacation Services International, photo identification and a credit card for incidentals and property charges. Most propertiess have a 24-hour front desk but if you are arriving after 11:00pm let us know so we can inform the property.

Does Vacation Services International guarantee any requests?

No, in most cases we are not able to guarantee a particular room, view, location etc. We can however, make a formal request with the resort on your behalf and they are often granted when possible because we rent for owners at the properties.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at almost every resort style property, with very few exceptions. Some properties will make exceptions for service animals provided you have a doctor’s letter for major conditions.

Can we bring more travelers than the maximum occupancy stated?

No. Resorts are required to abide by fire codes and regulations. If the occupancy indicated on the conformation is exceeded resorts can terminate your reservation without possibility of a refund and ask you to vacate the property.

Is there housekeeping?

The units are cleaned prior to check in. Some resorts also offer housekeeping at no additional charge and some charge an additional fee.

Are linens and other items provided?

Yes. Linens are provided at all of our vacation rentals in accordance with the maximum occupancy of each unit, unless otherwise stated. We offer a couple properties in very hard to access locations in condo type setting that do not provide linens. Towels, toilet paper along with a complimentary bar of soap and shampoo are typically included. Some properties also include additional convenience items such as trash bags, dish soap and paper towels. It is recommended that you either bring your own or confirm in advance with your VSI representative.


The Ability to exchange allows any vacation ownership the option to maximize their ownership by opening doors to resort and condominium properties all over the world in some of the most desirable locations on the map.

Many exchange companies have gone to a point based program, including VSI, to help improve their ownership experience. Our points system allows you to waste no points and helps you tailor your vacation to your desires.

Your time deposited with VSI is converted into VSI points to maximize your ownership without trading power effecting your options.


Is selling a timeshare like selling your house?

Selling a timeshare is similar but we recommend using an escrow company rather than a lawyer to minimize cost. The costs may be paid by the seller or purchaser. Finding a buyer for your vacation ownership is much more challenging than one might expect given the drastic depreciation in properties after purchase, much like purchasing a new vehicle and driving it off the lot. The secondary market provides amazing deals compared to the normal resort cost. It is hard to make your property stand out against the competition in this industry that is why we have created a revolutionary tool free of charge called the Owner’s Portal. Our Owner’s Portal allows you to customize your listing with personal comments and photos to gain the attention of potential buyers. An advantage, unlike many real estate contracts, is that no one has exclusive rights to your property listing so it can be listed with anyone you choose and in as many places as you choose.

Is Vacation Services International a licensed real estate company?

No. Vacation Services International does not sell timeshares we are an advertising company that uses our website and other means to promote the solicitation of offers from potential buyers looking to purchase a vacation ownership property or program in the secondary market. We also offer rental services, often free of charge to help offset or reduce the costs of your maintenance fees and other charges while the property is being listed for sale.

Can I list my property on my own?

Yes. You are under no exclusive contracts when it comes to the advertising of your ownership.

What happens when a renter wants to cancel their reservation from my rental listing that has already rented?

We have a no-cancellation policy that the renter must agree to in writing and all reservations must be paid in full prior to receiving confirmation.  We collect the full amount of the rent up front at the time of booking.

Are there really buyers for my timeshare.

The secondary market for timeshares was not known about until recently but buyers now know that they can go to timeshare presentations and find out where they’d like to own then buy at a fraction of the normal cost. Would you buy something retail if you knew you could get it for a fraction of the normal cost? We do not make any promises and cannot guarantee that any property at any price will sell, it all depends on the value perceived by the prospective buyer, but there are buyers out there. Offers don’t always turn into sales, there is a lot of competition. Transactions can be very time sensitive so it is important that you keep all maintenance fees, special assessments etc. paid up.

What is more successful renting or selling a timeshare?

Without question it’s renting. We have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our rental clients. In today’s economy, plain and simple more families have available monies for a specific vacation than do have thousands of dollars to purchase a timeshare.




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