Calabogie Lodge


Ontario, Canada

Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, about an hour from Ottawa, this area is often known as “the best kept secret” The vacation lifestyle at the resort is typically one of serenity and relaxation but also adventure. The guests of Calabogie Lodge receive all of the advantages of a luxury vacation home in this charming area located relatively close to your own home. The resort accommodation generally offers superior facilities at the price of a standard resort hotel accommodation. The average villa is typically a generous sized condo that is completely equipped with a full kitchen and with one, two or more bedrooms thus providing a home away from home to young families in a safe environment. The Resort property is very well maintained and rated silver crown by RCI, according to their many desirable recreational amenities such as pool, tennis courts and fitness Centre. It is situated in prime area with a popular beachfront, (golf course and ski hill are just 10 minutes away). As well, Calabogie Lodge Resort guests have the option of bringing their own groceries and inviting all their friends or family to come and visit.

Once you select Calabogie Lodge Resort, the well-appointed villas will impress young families and couple alike- This Ontario Resort is most suited for travellers seeking adventure, fun, relaxation, and keep their travel experience affordable. Before vacationing elsewhere this upcoming year, take some time to research the property and, if possible, talk to other Calabogie Lodge guests who have discovered this luxurious experience, in rugged beauty… just an hour or more from home.


  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Lounge