Capital Resorts Group

Capital Resorts Group

The Capital Resorts family is delighted to welcome you as one of our newest owners! Your decision to own your vacation means that inspired destinations and warm hospitality will now become the perfect backdrop for you to forge deep bonds and create timeless memories with your family. As an additional benefit to your Capital Resorts ownership, you have the option to take advantage of the Capital Lifestyles program, which provides members exclusive access to elite discounts on a wide variety of purchases. Whether you’re staying at one of our magnificent resort destinations, enjoying exclusive membership discounts or simply using your Capital Lifestyles benefits to save on everyday purchases, you’ll be glad you chose Capital Resorts.

About Our Destination Collections:

The Capital Collection:

Experience the excitement of your premier Capital Resorts destinations.  Whether you prefer to spend your day relaxing at the beach, hiking in the mountains or enjoying family-friendly attractions and entertainment with your loved ones, you will find the perfect vacation destination with Capital Resorts.  Our resorts are located in a variety of sought-after destinations, with each resort featuring luxury accommodations, amenities and benefits – so start exploring our resorts and planning your next vacation today!

The Lifestyles Collection:

Capital Resorts has teamed up with elite resorts across the country to give our owners access to even more luxury vacation destinations.  Resorts in the Lifestyles Collection by Capital Resorts allow you to book reservations using your Capital Points so you can experience exciting new destinations without paying exchange fees.  This partnership has expanded your travel opportunities by giving you access to even more delightful destinations for the best vacation experiences.

Availability For Rent
ID Bedrooms Price  
VSI0005222408 TBA $2900 per week
VSI0005132414 3 $2900 per week (3)
VSI000430246 2 $2900 per week
VSI0004302404 TBA $2900 per week
VSI0011132314 TBA $2300 per week
VSI0004132004 TBA $2500 per week
VSI001210191905 TBA $2100 per week
VSI0011131905 TBA $2400 x 3
VSI0003121811 TBA $2,500 per week
VSI0002081803 TBA $2,400 Per week
VSI0010301702 TBA $2,500
Availability For Sale
ID Bedrooms Price  
VSI0005132415 TBA $21,500
VSI0004232420 TBA $???
VSI0003192410 TBA $28,500
VSI0003042416 TBA $17,500
VSI0001302426 TBA $12,000
VSI0001182401 TBA $42,000
VSI0001092436 TBA $16,500
VSI00011082347 TBA $9,500
VSI0009112317 TBA $44,500
VSI0006062327 TBA $
VSI0006052311 2 $52,000
VSI0001102341 TBA $5,999
VSI0011242101 TBA $65,700
VSI0008172151 TBA $49,500
VSI0007082101 2 $49,990
VSI0008102007 2 $30,000
VSI0003022094 TBA $10,327
VSI0012181902 TBA $17,500
VSI0012101904 TBA $36,340
VSI0008201903 TBA $21,500
VSI0005201908 2 $15,000
VSI0012191803 TBA $10,000
VSI0012191802 TBA $10,000
VSI0008201816 TBA $49,900
VSI0006061807 2 $19,000
VSI0004231805 TBA $33,000
VSI0003301805 2 $18,900
VSI0003051803 TBA $10,000
VSI0003011803 TBA $22,500
VSI0002271824 TBA $5,000
VSI0001231803 2 $15,500
VSI0012281755 TBA $79,500
VSI00012071701 TBA $25,500
VSI00010311705 4 $18,000
VSI0010121705 1 $12,000
VSI00010061708 TBA $48,500
VSI00010061707 TBA $50,000
VSI00010031702 2 $13,500
VSI0008281703 TBA $20,000 price negotiable
VSI0008231701 2 $14,900
VSI0008221702 TBA $52,500 Nego.
VSI0008111703 TBA $59,000
VSI0008071705 1 $10,900
VSI0008011709 TBA $11,995
VSI0007051702 1 $11,200
VSI0006141704 1 $11,900
VSI0006121712 2 $20,000 P/N
VSI0006091701 TBA $1500 o/b
VSI0006021703 2 $15,000 P/N
VSI0005301701 TBA $19,999
VSI0004071712 TBA $24,000
VSI00003241758 4 $12,500
VSI0002281703 TBA $13,000
VSI0001311710 TBA $42,308
VSI0001181705 TBA $12500
VSI0001091704 TBA $20,000
VSI00012161605 1 $24,900
VSI00011221616 TBA $37399
VSI0002251613 TBA $7500
VSI0012281518 1 $12000
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