Global Discovery Vacations

Global Discovery Vacations

Global Discovery Vacations® is a travel club fulfilled by Global Connections Inc®. At Global Connections, experiences are our product; leisure lifestyles our services. It’s a commitment we take very seriously. So a family of five can take a Disney vacation, where larger-than-life mice and real-life princesses make dreams come true. So college graduates can celebrate from the summit of a mountain, balanced on a snowboard ready to begin the ride of their lives. Where necessities, as well as luxuries, become affordable—for the newlyweds, the new parents, the newly retired. To do this, we follow our mission, the guideline and blue print for all that we do:

Global Connections® thrives and Global Discovery Vacations® continues to grow because of our exceptional employees and the relationships we nurture in the vacation industry. In fact, we are passionate about our partnerships, evidenced by the fact that Global Connections® is a fully licensed and bonded travel company in good standing with:

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) International Air Transport Association (IATA) Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA)

Availability For Sale
ID Bedrooms Price  
VSI0004292406 TBA $10,900
VSI0004032402 TBA $12,900
VSI0003132403 TBA $6000
VSI0003042411 TBA $9,000
VSI0002262405 TBA $8900
VSI0002082406 TBA $14,200
VSI0002062420 TBA $8,000
VSI001213230304 TBA $9500
VSI0011132304 TBA $7000
VSI0011082303 TBA $4,500
VSI0010182307 TBA $9900
VSI0010102313 TBA $6,900
VSI0009272304 TBA $7,500
VSI0009142303 TBA $10,500
VSI0008302303 TBA $8000 neg
VSI0008142307 TBA $13,900
VSI0008142306 TBA $15,900
VSI0008072305 1 $7500
VSI0007122306 TBA $6500
VSI0006272208 TBA $4900
VSI0002032202 TBA $8,900
VSI0001242201 TBA $6,000
VSI0001142101 TBA $2,000 neg
VSI0012172002 2 $6,900
VSI0006152002 TBA $4,900
VSI0004272004 TBA $4300
VSI0002192006 TBA $5,900
VSI0010251902 TBA $10,900
VSI0010231905 TBA $12,000
VSI0010151909 2 $12,900
VSI0008221901 TBA $12,900
VSI0006171904 TBA $9,900
VSI0002141905 TBA $7,500 neg
VSI0012271808 TBA $7,200
VSI0004121803 TBA $4,900
VSI0011011708 TBA $12,000
VSI0009191711 TBA $
VSI0006301710 TBA $5,670
VSI0004281704 TBA $5,900
VSI0001291615 TBA $2500
VSI06101405 TBA $5,000
VSI05301408 TBA $4500
VSI05291405 TBA $8900
VSI07151302 TBA $8200
VSI06201305 TBA $6900
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