Jeremy Ranch

Jeremy Ranch

Park City, UT

Hours & Directions

Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club
​8770 North Jeremy Road
Park City, UT  84098

Guest Information

Members are allowed to bring family and non-family guest to the Club in accordance with Club bylaws and golf membership classifications. Any one non-qualified family guest or any non-family guest may play a maximum of eight times per year and a maximum of one time per week except for out-of-town guests who may play consecutively during the week. Special rates will apply to qualified family guests. A dress code is enforced at the Club. Members must wear appropriate golf attire on the golf course. Soft spike golf shoes are required.

Lightning and Weather Policy

Each player is responsible for their own safety during lightning and inclement weather. It is recommended to seek shelter: in a permanent structure, in a fully enclosed metal vehicle, and to find the lowest elevation area. You should avoid tall trees, large open areas, wet areas and elevated areas. Lightning and inclement weather can arrive over the golf course very rapidly, so please use caution.

Clubhouse Dress Code Policy

Members are responsible for their guests attire, please let them know the Jeremy Ranch Dress Code in advance to avoid any embarrassment.   Appropriate golf course attire is welcome in the clubhouse and dining areas.   Denim is also acceptable in the clubhouse.  Not acceptable attire includes torn, tattered, unclean, or obscene clothing, running shorts, sweat pants, tube tops, tank tops, bare midriff clothing.  Hats, facing forward, may be worn in clubhouse and Pier Bar, but are not allowed in the Members Dining Room. All trousers and shorts must be worn at the waist and should not be excessively large, baggy or long.  Shoes, sandals or other appropriate footwear must be worn in the clubhouse at all times.

Golf Course & Practice Facilities Dress Code Policy

While on the Golf Course or Practice Facilities, men’s apparel must be of current golf fashion. Men must wear golf shirts with sleeves and golf slacks or medium length shorts. Tank tops, tee shirts, athletic shorts, jeans/denim, etc. are not permissible.  Women’s slacks, shorts and golf skirts must be of current golf fashion. Sleeveless tops are permitted; tank tops, halter tops, midriffs, short-shorts, and jeans/denim are not permitted.

Penalty for non-compliance:
1st Occurrence        Reminder from Golf Shop Staff Member/Manager regarding policy.
2nd Occurrence      Member receives a letter from the House Committee
3rd Occurrence       Loss of playing and practicing privileges for two weeks

Pace of Play Policy

The Jeremy Ranch Pace of Play is a four-hour round of golf for the first three hours of the day and a four-hour and 10-minute round of golf for the remainder of the day.  Any group failing to maintain an appropriate pace of play will be asked by the course ranger to speed up and get back on the correct pace of play schedule. If they fail to attain that pace of play after their warning, the ranger may request the group skip as many holes as necessary to get back on the correct pace of play schedule. The group shall honor the ranger’s request. If the group does not comply with the ranger’s request, a letter regarding our pace of play policy and enforcement will be sent to the member or members.

Penalty for non-compliance:
1st Occurrence        Reminder from Golf Staff Member/Player Assit. regarding policy.
2nd Occurrence      Member receives a letter from the House Committee.
3rd Occurrence        Loss of privilege to make advanced tee times for two weeks.  Member may play if there is an open tee time during these two weeks.

Golf Shop

Monday – Sunday  6:30 am – 9:00 pm

Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club is proud to offer a professional golf shop boutique, open to serve all members and their guests. JRGCC Members receive a 25% discount off the suggested retail price on all in-stock merchandise.  We strive to provide the very best in golf equipment and accessories, along with a broad array of golf and unique lifestyle apparel. Our staff is always available to provide a personalized shopping experience with outstanding customer service.