Monarch Grand Vacation Resorts (Diamond)

Monarch Grand Vacation Resorts (Diamond)

Monarch Grand Vacations Resorts

The Monarch Grand Vacations resort chain was sold to Diamond Resorts in 2012. All Monarch Grand Vacations timeshare resorts are now under the Diamond name, giving thousands of owners and future owners access to the benefits of a Diamond timeshare ownership.

Monarch Grand Vacations timeshare is now part of the Diamond Resorts Monarch Grand Vacations Club Collection. You have the opportunity to use your timeshare week to exchange for another timeshare in the Diamond Resorts collection, as well as gain other owner perks through the Diamond network.

Monarch Grand Vacations resorts are still in operation under the Diamond name. Check out the top resorts available in this collection.

  • Palm Canyon Resort
  • Riviera Beach and Spa Resort I&II
  • Riviera Oaks Resort
  • Riviera Shores Resort
  • Tahoe Seasons Resort
  • Desert Isle of Palm Springs
  • Cancun Resort Las Vegas
  • Cedar Breaks Lodge
  • Cabo Azul Resort
Availability For Rent
ID Bedrooms Price  
VSI00010241603R TBA $731
Availability For Sale
ID Bedrooms Price  
VSI0006272311 2 $10,500
VSI0008211801 2 $29,900 neg