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Precious Memories Network Makes Dreams Vacations a Reality
Precious Memories Network Members join as a way to assure family time and a way to make dream vacations a reality. With access to destinations across the globe, members can plan a holiday that suits their needs. Complete customization includes everything from the time and place, to the size of accommodations, putting members in the driver’s seat. For many members, in the past, certain locations and styles of accommodations might have been unaffordable, but PMN provides exclusive rates to make planning a trip possible and fun! Instead of putting off dream vacations due to the price, Precious Memories Network members can plan a trip with the entire family and use the savings on excursions and other travel-related expenses.
North American culture has become one of work and sticking to a strict agenda or daily routine. In many European countries, for example, employees of companies large and small, work fewer hours and take more vacations than we do here in North America. Productivity can be shown as being higher for these companies, and there are dozens of reports showing increased levels of happiness, decreased anxiety and overall better well-being for those who travel more. Precious Memories Network believes there is more to life than working, paying the bills and repeating the process. Why put off a vacation to stick to this routine? If the reason is financial than this club is perfect, as it affords family’s access to resorts and accommodations which previously may have been out of reach. It also serves as a reminder for families to break that routine, and take that trip, vacations should not just be every so often thing or something to stress over, but something to look forward to, a way to indeed detach and recharge
Precious Memories Network helps its member’s make the most out of their vacation dreams, and travel more. Life is short, enjoy the time you have with the ones you love, the genuinely precious moments in life are those we create with the ones who matter most. There is no better way to start building these moments than to take a vacation with Precious Memories Network and make every moment count! To find out more visit us today.
Availability For Sale
ID Bedrooms Price  
VSI0007062001 TBA $5,900
VSI0003261906 TBA $1500 neg
VSI0002261906 TBA $6,500
VSI0001221908 TBA $3,200 neg
VSI0011081804 TBA $5,900
VSI0011061802 TBA $3,000
VSI0010311801 TBA $7,900
VSI0010031805 TBA $5,000
VSI0009281805 TBA $5,500
VSI0009271806 TBA $7,900 neg
VSI0008161807 TBA $4,900
VSI0007311803 TBA $7950 neg
VSI0007171803 TBA $5,900
VSI0007131808 TBA $3500
VSI0007131805 TBA $8,900
VSI0006071803 TBA $1,000
VSI0004041802 TBA $4000
VSI0002151803 TBA $6,950
VSI0001231808 TBA $4,000
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